Aaron Goldstein on Protecting the Rights of the LGBTQ Community
Aaron Goldstein

Discrimination against any community is unjust and unacceptable. The LGBTQ community deserves to live their life free from intolerance and oppression, just as anyone else. As Attorney General, I will fight for equal protection for the LGBTQ community. Discrimination will not be tolerated, whether in the criminal justice system, in education, or in health care. I have spent my entire life and legal career fighting for those who are treated unfairly or unjustly simply because of who they are.

As Attorney General, I will advocate for better access to healthcare, work to end the homelessness that disproportionally affects LGBTQ, and fight for those unfairly treated by the criminal justice system. I will support efforts add protections for sexual orientation and gender identity in the Illinois State Constitution.

As Attorney General, I will be proactive to ensure diversity among my staff. I will mandate LGBTQ diversity and inclusion training for all AG employees, and advocate in Springfield that all state workers, police officers and prison staff also utilize such training. Illinois’ government should treat every citizen with the respect they deserve. Finally, I will support modernizing Illinois’ birth certificate laws so that they do not impose gender norms on LGBTQ families.

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