Aaron Goldstein on Immigrant's Rights
Aaron Goldstein

I will defend our immigrant neighbors who come to this country and state for a better life and to be productive members of our community. I will fight against discrimination and mistreatment of immigrants. I will stand up against the federal government when they try to use our state resources to go after immigrants in Illinois. Our state should not dedicate state and local resources to execute the federal government’s policy of rounding up immigrants and deporting them. I believe it is incumbent upon our political leaders in Illinois to stand up for the rights of all of us. The federal government’s current push to scapegoat immigrants is a cynical ploy to divide our people and to misrepresent the overwhelming majority of people who have come to the United States to pursue a better life.

The federal government’s anti-immigrant policies will clearly set Illinois back while causing undue and unnecessary hardship for many people. As Attorney General, I will strongly defend Illinois against the federal government’s anti-immigration policies.

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