Landlords can avoid the Tenant from Hell with a Tenant Screening process.

TVS Tenant Verification  helps landlords and property managers, reject the Tenant from Hell by obtaining credit history, offering Resources that make an impact statement to all prospective tenants... and reporting rent payments to national credit bureaus that deters bad tenancy.  

  1. The Landlord Credit Bureau 
  2. Equifax Credit Bureau 

Landlords generally don't have criteria that prospective tenants must meet prior to signing a lease. This often leads to trouble and lost rental revenue.

The Tenant from Hell takes advantage of the landlord who doesn't screen and doesn't know the tenancy laws in his/her province. 

TVS Tenant Verification has helped thousands of landlords and property managers avoid the Tenant from Hell. 


  • Husband suffered a heart attack as a result of tenant from hell. 
  • We haven't received a rent payment in over 6 months and we're afraid to evict. 
  • Our rental property is being damaged, the tenant has stopped paying rent and we don't know how to get him out right away. 



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