The Response to Ullman’s New Digital Mirror Has Been Incredible

Chicago, IL. (Oct 12, 2018) – Ullman Devices has long been one of the Nation’s top specialty tool manufacturers supplying several industries with unique solutions that simplify often very complex situations in the repair process. They have been regularly heralded as one of the best design manufacturer companies in the industry since their inception back in 1935. They continue to offer a wide variety of specialty devices to various repair industries.

Ullman’s NEW “Digital Inspection Mirror” is quickly becoming the go-to device for shop technicians who are looking to get a better view of hard to reach areas. This handy device allows techs to gain visual access to areas they previously might only be able to feel with their fingers. Using the telescoping wand with a camera, users can get into those hard to reach areas they need to see and are able to view the inspection on their smartphone and
take a picture or video, so they can review and show it to their customer.

Mike Barthel, Ullman-Devices Marketing Manager said, “PTEN magazine recently shared with us that the new Digital Inspection Mirror was the most requested product in PTEN’s August publication and because of this will be featured in the “Most Wanted” section of Decembers Professional Distributor magazine.

Ullman-Devices is launching a few brand new specialty products at the AAPEX Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the new releases that you will have the opportunity to get an up close and personal first-hand look at is the New Ullman Digital Inspection Mirror. This device is a must have for the professional technician. Visit booth #856 in the “TOOL & EQUIPMENT” section on the second floor of the “Sands Expo Center” and get a demonstration. The show runs from October 30th thru November 1st of this year.

If you are going to be at AAPEX stop by to see these new products in action. They will be having live demonstrations which you can actually take part in, so you can see the ease with which these devices operate. Prepare to be impressed with the technology they have developed that will help users work smarter, not harder, and be more productive.

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