What is Media Desk?


We developed NEWSLINE360 from the journalist’s perspective to give you the ability to find new, qualified sources for your stories.

You will have access to:

  • Free and easy access to current, accurate information that is appropriate to your interests and beat
  • Appropriate, knowledgeable contacts with contact information
  • Ability to easily find the newsroom on company websites, not buried in the footer
  • Consistent look and feel from newsroom to newsroom for easy browsing and navigating
  • High resolution photos
  • Broadcast quality video and audio files
  • Documents such as financial information, annual and quarterly reports, white papers, and presentations
  • Background and technical information that illuminates and deepens the story
  • Ability to contact and query by phone and email

Think of NEWSLINE360 as a matchmaker between news sources and journalists. By completing your profile, you will be able to determine what type of news you receive and by whom; by industry and news category. You may specify geographic area as broad as North America or as hyper-local as zip or postal codes.

Our platform also provides you with a calendar that features details about any events posted that match your specific news interests and needs.


NEWSLINE360 is a state of the art platform. One of its great advantages is that we’ve developed the ability for newsrooms to be “followed.” NEWSLINE360 gives newsroom owners (companies with newsrooms) the opportunity for journalists, customers and other designated groups to follow their news in real time. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Newsroom owners invite their own media contacts to check out the newsroom and “follow” it. You will only receive news and information if you choose to follow the company’s newsroom.
  • We also do our part to help you find new sources by sending an alert to you when a NEWSLINE360 newsroom’s profile “matches” your profile in terms of industry, news beat, geographic reach and so on.
  • Once you follow a newsroom by clicking the “follow our newsroom” button, you’ll receive news posts from that newsroom automatically as soon as they are posted, or you can elect to receive them at a specific time of day, week or month.
  • Your incoming news goes into your own private online Media Desk dashboard and, if you want, we can also send you a link to your news via email so that you can access the information immediately without going to your dashboard. The information is always saved in the dashboard and you may archive it for later reference.
  • Your NEWSLINE360 dashboard is accessible from all mobile devices, so you can access your news while you’re on the go.
  • Your NEWSLINE360 dashboard provides you with easy access to all of the news that you want and directs your news away from your crowded email inbox, which is often filled with news releases and pitches that don’t pertain to what you cover.

NEWSLINE360’s JAQ (“Jack” - Journalists Asking Questions) is a no-cost feature that gives you the ability to query newsroom contacts privately, easily and with great flexibility.

  • You can query newsroom owners one-on-one or query the entire database of owners with anonymity, if you choose. You may query by industry category, subject matter (keywords), and geographic location or directly to contacts of newsrooms you are following.  
  • Your requests are always private. No need to worry about other reporters borrowing your great ideas; requests are sent directly to the newsroom owners’ private dashboard and are never published publically.
  • Newsroom owners may respond to your requests directly from their dashboard to yours. Your email address and telephone number always will be anonymous unless you choose to make your information public to newsroom owners.